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Who We Are

An Industry Leader

Broadly speaking, the Chamber is dedicated to fostering and enhancing commercial, industrial, tourist, and financial ties between Kenya and Arab nations. Specifically, the Joint Chamber aims to:

a) Foster and safeguard trade, commerce, tourism, shipping, and manufacturing.

b) Organize meetings, conferences, and other initiatives to disseminate information about the capabilities and attributes of both Arab and Kenyan industries, agriculture, shipping, and manufacturing.

c) Aggregate and disseminate statistics and other pertinent information pertaining to trade, commerce, tourism, shipping, and manufacturing.

d) Collaborate with relevant authorities in Arab countries and Kenya to establish an economic, commercial, and tourist service. Additionally, initiate the publication of a periodic magazine, distribute an annual Kenya–Arab book, and explore the possibility of establishing an agency, office, or appointing a representative from either individual or corporate entities, to be located in any city in Kenya or an Arab country.

e) Advocate with competent authorities and Arab diplomatic missions regarding issues impacting the development of trade relations. Provide recommendations on measures deemed suitable by the Chamber to address these challenges.

f) Serve as an arbitrator in resolving disputes arising from commercial transactions between individuals or firms engaged in commerce between Kenya and Arab countries.

g) Acquire, sell, lease, mortgage, or otherwise obtain real property as deemed necessary for the Chamber's objectives.

h) Validate Certificates of Origin for goods destined for Arab countries before formal legalization by Arab diplomatic missions. Additionally, issue various certificates and testimonials related to commercial and industrial relations between Kenya and Arab countries.

i) Publish periodicals, books, etc., conducive to the Chamber's objectives.

Since its inception, the Joint Chamber has significantly engaged in overseeing the recruitment of personnel for employment in Arab countries, becoming a primary focus of its activities.

Collaborating at Work

30 Day Guarantee

Truly Top-Notch

Members of the Joint Chamber are entitled to a range of services aimed at enhancing their business endeavors. They will:

• Receive valuable business information.

• Enjoy direct access to business delegations from the Arab world.

• Regularly receive publications issued by the Joint Chamber.

• Participate in seminars, meetings, workshops, exhibitions, and other events organized by the Joint Chamber.

• Receive assistance from the Joint Chamber in obtaining business visas for visits to Arab countries.

• Access support from the Joint Chamber in the event of business disputes with counterparts in the Arab world.

• Benefit from prompt endorsement of Certificates of Origin for goods by the Joint Chamber.

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